Handstands C – May 15-16


For handstands practitioners who feel good on their two hands handstands (30 sec freestanding handstand minimum) and are looking for more tool to develop their training

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Tuesday, May 15th, 7pm-10pm

Wednesday, May 16th, 7pm-10pm


Karuna – School of Yoga & Thai Massage. 92 Hakhma Yisrael Avenue, Tel-Aviv.


– mounting to handstands in different ways (kick / tuck / straddle / pike)
– Holding at least 30 sec freestanding handstands

What’s in the workshop
– Going through basic handstands technique and different mounts to handstand.
– The “0” point search and ways to challenge our balance in order to improve it.
– Breathing – going to a handstand, in it and out of it.
– Handstand press – preparation drills.
– Introduction the one arm handstand.

– Handstand blocks and different ways of working with them in order to improve your handstand.

Based on the level and time we might also go through side bends and open practice to help each practitioner.

* It is recommended to bring something to write with (and on) for notes. if you have handstands blocks – please bring them *