Handstands A – intro to handstands


Ever wanted to do a handstand and didn’t know how to?

Then this workshop is for you

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Friday, January 25th, 10am-1pm


Bascula – Urban Circus – 72 Ha’Rakevet street, Tel-Aviv


– Healthy body and the will to do a handstand. This workshop could be also beneficial for people who already know how to go to handstand but not how to hold it freestanding, and want to improve the basic.

What we’ll work on

– The importance of warming up and how to do it.

– Basics of handstands through different alignment drills.

– Body and join preparation.

– Kick up to handstand – to a wall or with a spotter.

– Spotting and how to do it correctly.

– info for how to continue practicing handstands safely and in a correct way.

* It is recommended to bring something to write with (and on) for notes.